BSG Wireless

WiFi Estate Management Services

The core business of BSG Wireless is the design, build and operation of managed service solutions to support the WiFi estates and user communities of Network Operators. Our Services include:

Forced Portal Framework
All users connecting to the Service SSID and not using a client are usually redirected to the Forced Portal Front Page (Universal Access Method (UAM)), or Landing page appropriate for the device in use at the beginning of their web browser session. Our Framework Service assists you to structure, and combine elements of our services into a single portal, and manage these landing pages across your footprint.

Storefront Services
Once the customer has identified a Hotspot, it is useful if they are able to purchase access immediately if they are not already subscribers. BSG Wireless can provide a managed storefront service to assist you with this. The web portal based service will enable customers to select your WiFi products. BSG Wireless is also able to provide a Payment Mechanism Service through its partners to manage the financial functions of the service, should you not already have one in place.

Directory Data Services
We believe accurate and up to date directory services play a key role in driving sales and creating a user experience that enhances the customer perception of the wireless service. In some cases the information available may require additional cleansing, completion and validation processes be applied, before it can be used to provide the service your customer require. Our Directory Data Service provides the support necessary to make this service work effectively. We can provide the experience and expertise to manage the processing, administration and distribution of hotspot location information for you and your roaming partners.

Managed WiFi Services