BSG Wireless

User Access Solutions

Device Based Branded Access Services

The Importance of a consistent user experience cannot be underestimated. We have built our reputation on providing innovate web based Services and interfaces for Service Providers. We have built up this expertise in the provision of user interfaces on smart client devices as their importance has increased. Our Services include:

Connection Clients
Our clients are designed to enable customers to connect to WiFi Services in a simple and straightforward manner. The clients have a lightweight footprint on the device but deliver heavyweight value. The client feature set includes all the functionality required to enable a clean and simple user experience, such as connection support, roaming policy management and an integrated Hotspot finder.

Our Connection Client managed service is designed to support simple registration and account maintenance for the service provider and the end user alike. The service also includes the ability to support multiple device accounts within a single account. The Service has a supporting turnkey portal service that allows the service provider to 'fast start' the provision of the service without the need to build and operate their own service, keeping the cost of the operational service provision and the time to market to a minimum.

Hotspot Finders
Our Enablers include Hotspot Finders, storefronts and hosted user journeys. We believe these enablers play a key role in driving sales and creating a user experience that enhances the customer perception of the wireless service. The Hotspot Finder Service and the underlying Directory Data Service includes the creation, hosting and management of a customized portal service in line with branding guidelines that includes the provision of a search engine that supports multiple text based and map based user queries. The Service interface is also in the form of a downloadable application across a variety of platforms.

The explosion of Applications for Smart devices has had a profound effect on the way customers interact with Mobile Broadband Services. The primary customer interface is moving from the website to the smart device. Providing a good user experience requires a significant change in the way your services function across a wide range of shapes, sizes and operating systems. Websites are designed for the layout and screen size of a standard browser (i.e. 1024 x 768 pixels), this does not work well with a typical Smartphone screen. If you add the fact that the device maybe connected via 3G rather than a WiFi service and insufficient bandwidth may prevent functions such as rendered maps from working effectively and this impacts the user experience.

We have designed our applications in a modular fashion to enable and allow integration with third party functionality or applications. So if you want to protect your existing application investment but upgrade the functionality available. We can help you.