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With the cost of building and operating your own wireless hotspot network, maximising the utilisation of that network is key - inbound roaming can bring you this usage without the cost of customer acquisition and management. Outbound roaming can extend the service you offer your customer when they are out of reach of your network while extending the reach of your brand. While your resources are focused on providing a high quality home network experience.

The more compatible your network is with local and international roaming partners, the easier it is to connect to these revenues. With our specialist skills and strong industry relationships, our Roaming Services Team will help bridge diverse networks and work with you to put in place and manage your roaming partnerships. Our Services include:

Interconnection Service
The Interconnection Services covers the core interconnection services for roaming. It comprises of a selection of 'pre-interconnected' networks. Allowing the Service Provider to quickly build a virtual international network. The Service Provider can add networks from the 'pre-interconnected' list or on a bespoke basis. Our Partner Network has access over one Million hotspots in 130 countries.

Roaming Partner Management
To ensure that you achieve the commercial benefits of a wide roaming network without the overhead of managing relationships with many providers, our service offering features many ways to simplify the landscape. Achieving a technical connection is only one aspect of our services. We work with you to ensure that you are obtaining the best value from your connection to us by facilitating roaming arrangements with some of the biggest names in the business. By matching high-quality networks to industry leading customer brands we aim to achieve high roaming traffic levels benefiting all.

Our Partner network service enables you to maintain commercial control. Our commercial proxy agreement framework allows you to include additional partners in your virtual network with a simple addition to your contract with us. This offers new levels of efficiency and cost saving compared with the time and expense of negotiating individual agreements. Of course, we also support individual bilateral agreements between carriers where required.

We also offer WRIX Clearing Services; WRIX-d Data Clearing Services include the receipt of mediated records from WRIX-i providers, rating this usage against Inter-Operator Tariffs (IOTs), validating these wholesale records and transmission to WRIX-f providers. WRIX-f Financial Clearing Services encompass the receipt and reconciliation of wholesale financial data, the generation of invoices and financial settlement.

Roaming Services