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About Us - Our Management Team

Richard Scott

Chief Executive Officer - BSG Wireless

Richard Scott

With a background of electronic and radio engineering Richard first held commercial management roles in wireless data product management for Racal Electronics PLC. He has developed and sold wireless telemetry systems in the transport and security industry and wireless point of sale to the banking industry from products developed for Vodafone. As the Managing Director of Bermuda Telecom he launched a fully digital, encrypted radio service and E911 to the emergency services, and established the first GSM network in Bermuda which was acquired by AT&T Wireless. He launched the first AT&T Wireless green field GSM service in St Lucia where he served as the General Manager until AT&T Wireless was acquired by Cingular.

He was the VP of Product Management at BSG Financial and Data Clearing, and Managing Director of Nextgen Clearing Limited. Richard has a track record of managing technology companies from start up to profitability, he re-joined BSG Wireless to manage technology and operations as the Chief Operations Officer in 2014 before becoming the Chief Executive Officer in 2015.

Mark Carter

Chief Technology Officer

Mark Carter

Mark was also a founder of Connection Services. A result oriented professional with hands-on experience in successfully building and managing teams in organisations ranging from large multi-nationals; (Cable & Wireless and ICL) to start-ups in the UK, Europe & the USA. An engineering background matched with business management, development and service delivery skills gained from more than 25 years Information Technology experience.

As CTO Mark has been responsible for the specification of many of the solutions and services provided to our Service Provider Customer base. He is involved in overseeing strategic technical architecture and takes a proactive approach to the requirements our customers, and ranging from tactical bid support to strategic technical architecture.

Mark is also a strong supporter of our membership of the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) ( He is currently responsible for the management of the Location Feed Standard (WRIX-L).

Mark lives locally within the Thames Valley and enjoys a number of hobbies including softball and jazz.

Ken Buck

Director, Software Development

Ken Buck

Ken has over fifteen years experience of developing and delivering successful web and software solutions. He is a highly experienced team manager who enjoys the challenges of problem solving and understands that team morale is of utmost importance to ensuring successful project design, development and delivery.

Having previously started his own Web and Media Solutions Company in 1999 Ken has a sound understanding of the business requirements needed to grow and develop a strong team.

Ken lives locally within the Thames Valley and enjoys a number of hobbies including music, football, cars and gardening.